Tamara Tarasiewicz, international oil and acrylic painter, was born in Hajnowka, Poland. Awarded by the U.S. government    for achievements and contribution to American culture, the artist continues to produce new paintings in her own artistic  dialect. Tarasiewicz uses a fresh, contemporary style that shows a painting through the perspective of the individual’s own  experience. Taking her inspiration both from rural and modern city life, as well as Eastern and Western cultures, she has  managed to create a large, distinctive art collection.

Tarasiewicz began painting in 1988 and in 1994 she founded her own gallery in the Polish town of Bialowieza. Influenced by  surrounded countryside and its rich traditions, the gallery has attracted many local residents, numerous tour groups and art  collectors. Since settling in Illinois in 1996, Tarasiewicz’s paintings have graced the walls of many prestigious locations  throughout the United States.


Tamara Tarasiewicz offers dynamic composition, powerful expression and vibrant colors, along with great imagination to create works of amazing depth. Her body of work is influenced by compelling power of nature’s presence. Interactions of individual shapes and lines in the paintings of Tamara Tarasiewicz create a sense of motion. The success of Tarasiewicz’s vision emanates from the artist’s remarkable expression of complexity. Her body of work allows viewers to experience busy, complicated, and unique visual language. An expert when it comes to color, her paintings are wild, aggressive, and unforgettable. In many paintings the artist uses a wide range of golden paints for a richer feel. Her pure, intensive, confident, and often strong tincture operates like a tasteful musical score conscious of the effects of the harmonies and emotions.